Adjustable wall wooden doll

This type of Fababa is the most ideal for exercise. The lightweight pine body is stable and sturdy, almost insatiable, and its layer-glued structure prevents the formation of cracks. The steamed Beech crossbeams give the body a springnut. The arms and legs are also made of steamed beech wood, the leg also receives a concealed inner steel stiffenation, which ensures the unbreakability of the foot. In the chisel of the stand, the cross-holder is loosely seated, thereby absorbing the cross-docking movement. The tripod can be attached to the wall through a 2×4 hole. The method of fixation is influenced by the wall quality. Its advantage is that it can be adjusted to the height of the practitioner and flexible with its cross-holder. 180 cm free wall surface is required to secure the baby. Silk-lit PU varnish coating gives our product a high wear resistance. You can choose any color other than the base colors.

The baby can be sent or collected in person for 5-6 weeks from the date of ordering. 50% of the total purchase price is counted as the transfer of an advance invoice. The remainder must be transferred after receipt or settled in cash at the time of personal receipt.

Állítható fababa

Holzpuppen mit verstellbarer Höhe
braun DSCF5471 Holzpuppen mit verstellbarer Höhe DSCF5476 M1


Unit price (pieces): 680 EUR (The price includes the cost of transport to the EU)